How to Scale Your Business with Virtual Office Space

Why Growing Businesses Should Rent Virtual Office Space

Virtual office spaces are a great tool for growing businesses. They provide the same services and amenities of a traditional office space, like furnished private offices and essential office equipment, but with far more flexibility. 

With virtual office space, business owners have the power to choose what works best for their company. 

Do you need a private office space for a few days a week to focus without distraction? Would you like to rent office space for your remote team so they can collaborate in person on a big new project? Are you meeting with more clients than ever before, and do you need a professional space to hold those meetings? 

No matter how much office space you need, or when you need it, virtual offices make it possible to scale without investing a ton of money into overhead. Read on to learn more about how you can use these flexible and affordable office spaces to scale your company’s operations.

My company is growing — should I lease commercial office space or rent a virtual office?

If your business is expanding rapidly and you need a place to work from, it can be tempting to lease traditional commercial office space. After all, your business needs a home.

This arrangement works for some companies, but it’s certainly not the right move for everyone.

A virtual office may be the right choice for your business if:

You want to keep overhead costs low. Spending less money on rent and office upkeep means you have more funds to help grow the business, after all.

You travel frequently and want to make sure you have an office space wherever business takes youMany virtual office providers have multiple locations that members can access when they’re on the road.

Your team is largely remote and/or geographically dispersed. With a virtual office, you don’t have to worry about paying for space that’s empty most of the time. Plus, if you choose a virtual office provider with multiple locations, you’ll have access to office space that can accommodate employees in different cities.

You want an office space arrangement that can be altered as the business evolves. A virtual office allows you to scale up or down as needed. You can rent office space and meeting rooms and never worry about paying for unused space. 

What should I look for in a virtual office space?

If you think a virtual office space could be the right fit for your business, there are a few important factors to consider when choosing a space:

  • Location: You want an office space that’s convenient for you, your team, clients, and other visitors. If a prestigious business address will benefit your brand, be sure to choose a virtual office in a well-known commercial area. If you’d like to open satellite offices in different cities, find a provider with a wide network of locations.
  • Cost: If you need to keep cash on hand to support your growing business, price could very well be your most important consideration. Costs vary amongst virtual office spaces, so reach out to a few local companies for quotes to compare.
  • Flexibility: Some providers offer hourly or daily office rental packages, others require monthly or quarterly commitments. Flexibility is one of the best perks of a virtual office space, so look around until you find membership terms that work for your needs.
  • Amenities: Make sure your new virtual office space has all of the essential amenities and office equipment the company needs to thrive. Look for things like printers and scanners, fully-equipped conference rooms, a shared kitchen, a welcoming reception area, comfortable seating, parking, and anything else that will support your business and its team.
  • Community: The right professional community can help grow your business even faster. Don’t hesitate to ask a virtual office provider about the space’s community: Are there any networking events for members? Do professionals tend to chat in the kitchen and other shared spaces? 

At Intelligent Office, our community of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals is one of the (many) things that make our virtual office spaces truly special. 

We’re committed to helping each other succeed, and we’d love to help you scale your business, too. If you’re ready to office intelligently, click here to request further information and learn more.