Overview of Virtual Offices, Executive Suites and Co-Working Spaces

Introduction to Virtual Workspaces

Work has changed. In an age of instant communication, cloud-based applications, and workplace versatility, the era of the traditional office culture has come to an end. Providers of virtual offices, executive suites and co-working spaces have effectively liberated the nation’s work culture, adding dynamic and energizing new choices between the old-school office culture and working from home. However, this new landscape can be confusing for different generations, not to mention those wage earners who are operating on different models including freelancers, entrepreneurs, and employees of startup operations. The purpose of this white paper is to define what it means to engage a virtual office, executive suite, or co-working space and understand the differences, benefits and challenges of each workplace scenario.

Included in this Whitepaper:

  • Defining the Virtual Office
  • Virtual Office Services
  • Defining the Executive Suite
  • Defining Co-Working Spaces

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