What is the SBA & How to Leverage it For Success, Part 3

Part 3: Managing a Small Business

Executive Overview

Congratulations! You have gotten your small business up and running. Now what? This part of our four part series focuses on leveraging the Small Business Administration to help you launch and manage a small business will focus on the operational aspects of running a business. Whether you need leadership strategies, day-to-day decision making skills, ideas to manage growth or ways of creating dialogue with your community, this white paper will offer common sense advice on running a business in the real world. For this section, we’ll be discussing the basic building blocks of managing a small business including leadership development, laws and regulations, practical business practices, exit strategies, and more. The subsequent and final part of this four part series will take a deeper dive into business marketing and sales. By leveraging SBA programs, resources, and absorbing this complex but vital information, you will give yourself and your small business a valuable leg up when it comes to entering the competitive local marketplace.

Included in this Whitepaper:

  • The Common Characteristics of Good Business Leaders
  • Common Decision-Making Mistakes
  • Time Management
  • Business Laws and Regulations
  • Getting Out of Business
  • Industry Guides and Forms

To learn how to effectively use the SBA to grow your small business, download Part 3: Managing a Small Business