What is the SBA & How to Leverage it For Success Part 4

Part 4: Marketing, Sales and Contracting

Executive Overview

The day-to-day details of running a business are complex by themselves, as we have demonstrated in the first three parts of this white paper. However, marketing and sales form the foundation for any small business, whether an entrepreneur is manufacturing widgets in Wichita, Kansas or selling turkey sandwiches out of a shack in Concord, Massachusetts. Understanding marketing and sales as well as the technical complexity of our Internet-driven society gives entrepreneurs a distinct advantage over the competition. This final segment of our four-part report will take a deeper dive into the logistics and philosophy of marketing and sales and their impact on your business success. In order to fully cover the advantages of leveraging SBA programs and resources, we will also provide a detailed overview of the federal contracting process and how SBA programs and technical assistance may be able to augment your market. Finally, we will discuss how you and your employees can access local and regional SBA programs and offices in order to make the most out of your relationship with the Small Business Administration. After all, these are your tax dollars at work, so it makes sense for you to have a clear, common-sense understanding of how to run your business and leverage SBA programs and resources to ensure that your business is agile, competitive, and ready to do business.

Included in this Whitepaper:

  • Marketing: The Elements
  • Sales
  • Contracting
  • SBA Local Assistance
  • Conclusion

To learn how to effectively use the SBA to grow your small business, download Part 4: Starting a Small Business