Helping Growing Companies Thrive!

Intelligent Office’s flexible work spaces cater perfectly for startup companies. Our unique business model allows for scalability so whatever stage your business is at, we have the solution that is right for you (and your budget)!

Benefits for Established Businesses

Whether you are a growing business ready to scale or an established business looking to enhance your workspace solutions, our flexible options can evolve right along with you. Our startup members take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Flexible term agreements
  • Tiered membership options
  • All-inclusive amenities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Scalability

Solutions for Growing Businesses

We know that success isn’t always a straight line. Many of our members customize their solutions to fit their needs as they change. Our growing business members take advantage of flexible solutions such as:

Virtual Mail Plans

Establish your presence with our business address and mailbox solutions. Virtual mail plan members also utilize our physical space as needs arise.

Meeting Rooms

Host important client or team meetings in our conference room spaces. Our solutions include monthly plans and one-off bookings.

Phone Answering

Streamline your business with our customizable phone answering service. Discover the value of having a virtual assistant.

Dedicated Office

Whether you need a private office to yourself, or a team space to work collaboratively, we have salable solutions that can work for your budget.

Empowering a Cybersecurity Startup

Why Intelligent Office?

SensCy recognized the critical need for a workspace that could seamlessly adapt to their growing startup while ensuring affordability and alignment with their core values. Intelligent Office offers a range of high-quality workspace solutions complemented by personalized support. The ability to customize and scale their workspace was pivotal for SensCy’s success. With amenities like meeting rooms, privacy features, and flexible monthly memberships, Intelligent Office simplified the process of adjusting to their evolving team size.

David Behen

David Behen

Chief Client Success Officer – SensCy
Member at Intelligent Office Ann Arbor

“Intelligent Office provides us flexible workspaces, a warm and supportive community, and top-notch amenities that perfectly suit our needs. It’s more than just an office; it’s our second home for our team and business!”

Catering to Growing Businesses

As a growing business, there are certain factors that can really make or break a business’ ability to thrive. At Office Evolution we understand this because we are a locally-owned business too! We do everything we can to set you up for success.

Customizable & Scalable
Office Space

Members enjoy the ability to customize and scale their solutions to meet their constantly changing needs. This flexibility allows for efficient adjustments as the business experiences ebbs and flows in their growth.

Community &

As a startup, networking is a critical part of your success. Our startup members find that being part of a community of like-minded individuals, provides them the support, inspiration, and opportunities they are looking for.

Call Answering & Meeting Rooms

As a startup, you are often working with a lean team that wears many hats. Our call answering services provide additional admin support without adding headcount. Plus our meeting room space allows you to meet with your team members.

Simplify Your Busines!

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