Helping Healthcare Providers Thrive!

Establish a home base with Intelligent Office. Enjoy flexible work spaces, top-notch amenities, and a vibrant community that fosters productivity. Redefine the way you work with us!

Benefits for Healthcare Workers

Transform your work routine at Intelligent Office. Experience flexible work spaces and a diverse community that fuels networking opportunities. Remote work members utilize benefits such as:

  • Flexible term agreements
  • Tiered membership options
  • All-inclusive amenities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Free refreshments

Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Working from home or on the go doesn’t always allow for maximum productivity. Many individuals customize our solutions to fit their needs as they change. Our members take advantage of flexible solutions such as:

Virtual Mail Plans

Establish your presence with our business address and mailbox solutions. Virtual mail plan members also utilize our physical space as needs arise.

Meeting Rooms

Host important client or team meetings in our conference room spaces. Our solutions include monthly plans and one-off bookings.

Call Answering

While your working with patients, depend on us to field all of your important phone calls. Our customizable solutions can fit any business need or budget.

Dedicated Office

Whether you need a private office to yourself, or a team space to work collaboratively, we have scalable solutions that can work for your budget.

Empowering Remote Workers

Why Intelligent Office?

Joseph has been a remote worker since the 90s, and he noticed that while working remote, he missed the human connections you make by being in an office. He loves the people that he meets and works alongside with each day at Intelligent Office. Joseph appreciates the attentive help that the Business Center Managers give to their members. Intelligent Office’s array of work spaces allows him to answer emails quietly, meet with suppliers and clients, and use the phone booths to take important calls.

Joseph Sanchez

Director – USA Digital Division – Dantex
Member at Intelligent Office Hackensack

“It is nice to come into a spot with such a diverse group of people that provides my need for human interaction. Working at Intelligent Office is the best choice for me, and being a member allows me the ability to excel in my work!”

Catering to Healthcare Workers

Experience the perfect blend of flexibility, community, and productivity in a space designed for your needs. At Intelligent Office we understand the challenges that working from home can bring. We do everything we can to set you up for success.

Customizable & Scalable
Office Space

Members enjoy the ability to customize and scale their solutions to meet their constantly changing needs. This flexibility allows for efficient adjustments as the business experiences ebbs and flows in their growth.

Community &

As a healthcare worker, networking is a critical part of your success. Our startup members find that being part of a community of like-minded individuals, provides them the support, inspiration, and opportunities they are looking for.

Call Answering & Meeting Rooms

Our call answering services allow you to streamline your business so you can focus on your patients. Plus our meeting rooms are perfect when you need to get together with your team or host a client meeting.

Simplify Your Work!

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