Hourly Meeting Rooms & Offices

When you need access to private, professional, well appointed meeting rooms and conference rooms, we have space available on demand, by the hour or the day. Contact us today to learn more!

Who Can Benefit?

Need a place to host your next important meeting? Our Intelligent Office locations provide flexible solutions for groups of various sizes. All types of professionals utilize out meeting room options including:

  • Startups
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Insurance Agents/Brokers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Remote Teams
  • And More!

How does it work?

We make hosting your meetings with us as simple as possible. You can reserve your space online or call one of our experienced staff members to talk through your options.

  1. Find your location
  2. Select the perfect meeting space
  3. Book online or call

Meeting Room Solutions

Our meeting room solutions are designed to be flexible and accommodate one-off gatherings and recurring sessions. You can choose to become a meeting room member and benefit from exclusive discounts and perks, or reserve your spaces as needed.

Meeting Room

Need a space to host a small gathering or an important meeting? Our locations offer various size room options, equip with everything you need to host your next meeting.

Conference Room

In need of a larger space to hold a team gatherings, an important meeting, or a small event? Our formal conference rooms can accommodate various sizes and come ready with the technology you need to succeed.

Training Room

Select Intelligent Office locations also have flexible training room options available. These spaces have large monitors, AV equipment, white boards, and customizable layouts available to host any type of meeting you may need.

Day Office

Need to take a private call, or have a more intimate meeting with a client or small group? Day offices are available at select locations to accommodate your one-off meeting needs.

Benefits of Meeting Rooms

Experience the many perks that come with having the tools and resources you need to lead and direct successful meetings. Our conference rooms, training rooms, day offices, and more are here to help you succeed!


Enjoy our private meeting rooms without the worry of distractions. Our meeting room options allow you and your company to have a dedicated space to hold meetings, present new ideas, and discuss business matters. Many of locations also host frosted glass and sound masking as well!


Our onsite business manager is there to help get you set up with technology, refreshments, and to greet your business guests as they arrive. Enjoy all of the perks of a traditional office life without the large overhead costs that come with it. We are here to make your next meeting a success!


Here at Intelligent Office, we know how much productivity matters. It’s why our meeting rooms are here to support your business journey. We provide everything you need (WiFi, drinks, and technology) so you can focus on the important work at hand and accomplish everything you set out to.

Meeting Room Perks

Discover the benefits of having a go-to space to host your most important meetings. Whether you need a day office to conduct your video calls in private, or a larger conference room to host clients – we have the flexible solution right for you. Our fully staffed offices provide a receptionist to greet your guests, a community kitchen with free coffee and tea, and all of the office amenities you could need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our meeting room solutions. Learn how a meeting room can benefit you, how to sign up, and what to expect.

What are the types of meeting rooms?

You have several options for reserving a meeting room. You can book directly on the meeting room page for your location by filling out the book now form at the top of the page, call and talk to our helpful team, or become a meeting room member and book through our portal.

How much time can I reserve a room for?

Yes! Our meeting room solutions allow you to book by the hour, day, or week depending on your needs.

How much does a meeting room cost?

Depending on availability, you can book right up until the day-of. Our meeting room solutions allow you to book by the hour, day, or week depending on your needs.

What is the difference between a meeting room and shared workspace?

Yes! If you need to alter your existing meeting room reservation, simply contact your location during business hours and request a change. If you a current member, you can login to Kube to adjust your reservation.

Can I bring my own equipment or catering for my meeting?

There are several ways you can check for a location’s meeting room availability. If you are already a member, simply login to Kube and view real-time availability of meeting spaces. If you are not yet a member, you can either book directly on the meeting rooms page by filling out the Book Now form at the top, or by calling your location for current availability.

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