The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the Different Types of Virtual Business Services

An Introduction to Virtual Office Space, Virtual Assistants, & Other Business-Building Solutions

From office space to phone answering, the term “virtual business service” includes a variety of solutions designed to help small businesses grow and thrive.

Virtual office spaces provide on-demand access to comfortable, professionally-furnished office space, meeting rooms, and coworking spaces. Virtual business services make it so that companies of all sizes can afford top-notch administrative support (without the hassle of hiring part- or full-time employees).

That’s just the beginning, though. If you want to learn how to use virtual business services to grow your business and operate more efficiently, this guide has the information you need to get started.

Virtual Workspaces: Offices, Coworking Spaces, & Meeting Rooms

Virtual workspaces are affordable and flexible, especially when compared to a traditional office lease. They include several different types of physical office space:

  • Virtual offices are private offices that can be rented for as long, or as little, as you need. They’re popular amongst solo professionals and small teams who need to work in peace. They come professionally furnished, so you only need to bring your computer and other work essentials. 
  • Coworking spaces are generally open-concept, with members working from a large shared space that includes a number of desks and workstations. They can be great for meeting people, though they do tend to be noisy. It’s also tough to take calls from a coworking space.
  • Virtual meeting rooms are fully-equipped with all of the technology needed to run a meeting, like whiteboards and conference phones. They can be rented by the hour, day, or longer. 

Many small businesses use a combination of virtual workspaces. A solopreneur might rent a private virtual office for a few days each week and reserve a meeting room as-needed, for example.

No matter what type of space you choose, you should look for a provider with built-in cost flexibility so that you only pay for the time and space you need.

For more insight on how to find the best virtual office for your growing business, check out this article: How to Find the Right Virtual Office: 6 Factors to Consider.

Virtual Business Services: Virtual Addresses, Phone Answering, & Virtual Assistants

Virtual business services are your key to running an effective and professional operation while getting more done in less time.

  • Virtual office addresses are real business addresses in prestigious commercial locations. A virtual office address is more than just a mailbox, too. Choose from several virtual mail services like mail scanning or forwarding to add convenience to your new address.
  • Phone answering services, also commonly referred to as virtual receptionist services range from basic business phone service to full customer support. At Intelligent Office, we take things a step further. Every call is answered live, and your Intelligent Assistant will function as an extended member of your team.
  • Virtual assistants are a one-stop solution to service all your administrative needs, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee. Whether you need occasional help or are drowning under the weight of day-to-day tasks, there’s a solution to help.

How to get started with virtual business services

Every provider has a different onboarding process, but here’s how getting started works when you choose Intelligent Office:

  1. Find your location: We believe in the power of local business support, and our extensive network means you have plenty of locations to choose from.
  2. Select the perfect solution: Choose the virtual business services your company needs, whether it’s a location to meet clients, a place to get work done, administrative support, or a mix.
  3. Enjoy your newfound freedom. Whether it’s location freedom or administrative freedom, virtual spaces and services help small business owners free up more time in their day so they can focus on what matters most. 

If you’re inspired to get started with virtual business services, don’t wait — get in touch with our team today.